Legally employ your babysitter

We will help you with registration, insurance and contract. For free.

You want to hire a nanny or a babysitter of full age?

Social security (AHV), work contract and insurance will be important.

We help you manage the employment and respect all regulations.

Find the right insurance
Fill in the required forms
Generate contract and first payslip

Employ your babysitter or nanny correctly

There will be advantages for everybody

For you as the employer
Cost efficiency
No overhead costs for a cleaning or nanny agency
No unnecessary risk
Be safe in the case of accident or prolonged illness
All laws respected
Cover social contributions and taxes
For the household help
Fair income
Transparent work conditions and payslips
Social security
Benefit from social insurance (AHV, IV, ALV)
Accident insurance
Real protection if anything happens at work

Set up the employment in just a few minutes!

Save time and hassle with Fairboss.